Licensing Program

Licensing Program

Kelly Beaver, Owner
Grout Busters – Savannah, Georgia

I joined Grout Busters in 1995 as an owner. The experience has been extremely gratifying. The support from David and Travis Smith is phenomenal. We are a team and are all working toward the same goal: pleasing each customer while building an ongoing relationship with residual income.

Mark Liptak, Owner
Grout Busters – Lakeland, FL

I have a four-year degree in engineering from a military college and have worked for several large companies in the Northeast for the past ten years. A few years ago, I decided to work for myself so I can have more control over my future and the ability to spend more time with my family. My dad and two brothers live in Florida and own their own business as well. My brother told me about the company expanding into Polk County. My brother and I met with David Smith to talk about Grout Busters. Three years later, my Grout Busters business is doing GREAT! David and his son, Travis, have been there every step of the way. Never having owned a business before, I feel that I am blessed to find a person and business with both honesty and integrity. If you are looking for a business with low startup cost and low overhead take a closer look at the opportunity of joining Grout Busters. You won’t regret it.

Benefits of being a part of the Grout Busters family
Protected Territory
Proven Business Systems
Company Expertise Built on Experience
Virtually Little Competition in a Growth Industry
High Profit Margins Attainable
Low Overhead
Proprietary Private Labeled Cleaners and Grout Sealant
Turn-Key Operation
The System is Easy to Lean with No Previous Technical Experience Necessary
Territory Development
Advertising and Marketing Support
Be Operational Within 30 Days

“Where there is tile, there is grout and a potential sale.”

Each Grout Busters Systems, Inc. is independently owned and operated. You can be your own boss where you make your own decisions, control your profit margins and set your own hours of operation. Grout Busters Systems, Inc. gives initial and ongoing support, guidance and training. We provide both sales and marketing as well as hands-on training in all phases of the business.

Description of Operation
Grout Busters is a specialty contracting company with 38 years of experience in the tile industry. We have developed a system by using only tile related cleaners and sealers to restore a ceramic floor tile installation to a better than new condition. This will also protect a new tile installation.

Licensing Fees starting at $22,500
This delivers to you everything you need to begin your business, which includes process training, advertising and marketing support for your territory development. License fees are calculated using territory demographics.

Royalty Fees
A monthly fee of $300 or 5 % of gross revenue, whichever is greater.

Exclusive Marketing Rights
To maximize your chances of reaching your goals, you will be awarded a protected primary marketing area providing a turn-key operation. Concentrating on one area is the most effective way to develop your customer base. Grout Busters limits the number of licensees in a protected area to insure minimal competition, while maximizing profit margins, using private label proprietary cleaners, and sealers.

Training and Support
From startup and throughout the life of your business, support never stops. This includes grout restoration service procedures, sales and marketing techniques and an on-site visit to aid in successful territory development.

Independent Owner Testimonials
At Grout Busters Systems, Inc. we strive to make all our independent owners successful while creating an environment that gives each owner the pride and feeling of accomplishment that comes with owning their own business and being their own boss.